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Pink suede purse


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Product Description

buy it maya ot raya jewelry etsyHeart shaped handbag, made from soft suede leather in light pink color. The bag is entirely handmade and has three different looks (see the puctures). On the front side of the bag there are fixed eight metal snaps to which can be buckled two different types of caps – flower caps or dot caps.
Wear your bag with the dot caps for a simple and elegant look (picture 2 and picture 5).
Wear it with the flower caps to achieve more sophisticated and even playful look (picture 1 and picture 5).
Or just wear it without any of the caps for a casual, every day look (picture 3).
You can as well combine the dot and the flower caps and get an unique fresh look.
The bag (without the handles) measures 17cm x 24cm x 8cm.
The bag has hard handles and reinforced bottom.
Under the satin lining, the bag is lined with a special thin layer of fusing wool so it will keep its shape even when it’s almost empty.

Zoom the pictures to see them in bigger size. I can provide more pictures if required.

Please Note: The shades may vary slightly from the colors displayed on your screen.


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