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Goldstone Gemstone


gold stoneGoldstone is a man made gemstone that has been around since the European Renaissance. Early monks working at a glass factory near Venice, Italy were practicing alchemy when molten copper accidentally tipped into a molten glass container.

Red goldstone is associated with vitality and energy. Blue Goldstone is associated with learning and communication. Green Goldstone is associated with growth and abundance.

  • Goldstone is great for positive energy.
  • It renews strength.
  • Is a transmitter stone.
  • Balances energies.
  • Goldstone symbolizes human ingenuity to improve your life.
  • Goldstone has been known to encourage faith.
  • Goldstone is not for the shy and self-effacing.
  • It can induce happy thoughts.
  • Helps keep your feet on the ground.
  • Stops you becoming big headed.
  • Activates root and sacral chakras.goldstone
  • Goldstone is said to protect the center of the body.
  • Stimulates you physically.
  • Balances energies.
  • Goldstone can be gently uplifting.
  • Goldstone can be a great mood stabilizer.
  • Renews strength.
  • It can help to reduce stomach tension.

Color: Red-brown with golden sparkles of light

Energy: Power, Money