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Basic Jewelry Care

Maya ot Raya’s fine lace & gem & beads jewelry is delicate and hand crafted with great care to last long time, however with normal wear proper care is required to keep it looking good.

A great fact about my lace jewelry is that the lace is made from special metallized thread so it is extraordinarily durable.

I hope that you’ll find these guidelines helpful and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here are some basic guidelines to consider when wearing my jewelry and any other jewels as well.

Remove Jewelry During Tasks – When performing manual tasks, remove your jewelry to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids.

Put Jewelry On After Applying Makeup – According to experts, chemicals found in everyday substances like hairspray, lotions, perfumes, or other cosmetics can permanently damage the nacre of your dazzling pearl and corrode the alloys in that shiny setting. Putting jewelry on after applying these materials will limit exposure to jewelry and any potential damage

Don’t Wear Jewelry In Swimming Pools and Spas – Chlorinated water can react with the metals found in jewelry causing color changes and even structural damage.

Remove Your Jewelry Before Bathing – Remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap can cause a film to form, making it appear dull and dingy. By preventing the formation of this film you immediately reduce the occasions of servicing.

Contact Sports and Jewelry Don’t Mix– Hard blows during sports can damage jewelry not to mention the people involved. All jewelry should be removed before play begins.

Preserve from long exposure on sun light or exessive heat –  Just as the sun’s harmful rays can damage our skin, over time and in excess, it can also fade and weaken some gemstones, such as amethyst, kunzite, topaz, and pink conch-shell cameos. Pearls and other delicate materials, like your lace jewels, will bleach under extreme exposure to light. Other gems, especially amber, can darken over time when exposed to too much light. Excessive heat and sudden temperature changes may also fracture the gem. Heat can easily remove the natural moisture some gems need to keep their beauty. Pearls, for instance, can dry out, crack and discolor. Opals will turn white or brown, develop tiny cracks, and might lose their play-of-color.

Cleaning Jewelry

For those that wear jewelry regularly, keeping their jewelry clean and looking good requires regular effort. Here are some general guidelines that may help to maintain your jewels shiny:

Use Jewelry Polishing Cloths for Best Results – Brush your lace jewels with a dry very soft make up brush to clean the dust and after this, brush them again but with wet make up brush to remove the rest of the dirt. Allow your lace jewels to dry before you store them.

Beaded jewelry can be brushed with dry and soft brush to remove the dust away, after this, brush the jewels again but this time with wet and soft brush to remove the rest of the dirt. Allow your beaded jewels to dry before you store them.

Soft gems, such as pearls, can easily be scratched. Use an unused makeup brush and warm, soapy water. Lay the pearls on a towel to dry. The wet string can stretch—and attract dirt—so don’t touch a string of pearls until they are completely dry. Pearls worn every few days should be restrung once a year.

It is recommended to clean most colored gems with warm water, mild soap (no detergents), and a soft brush. A pulsed-water dental cleaning appliance and a soft, lint-free cloth can also be used. Be sure to stop the sink’s drain or use a rubber mat in case the stone comes loose from its setting.

Polish the metal components of your jewels with polishing cloth for best results. You can use a svelte or an old diaper, but the professional cloths are the best. Use of tissue or paper towels can cause scratches because of fibers in these products.

Avoid Cleaning Damaged Jewelry 

Never clean any jewelry that is damaged, cracked or broken, since the additional handling is likely to exacerbate or worsen the problem. If you find that a piece of jewelry is damaged, it should be set aside for repair as soon as possible.

Storing Jewelry

Anyone that has a collection of jewelry can appreciate how difficult it can often be to keep it organized.

About Tarnish and Storage  I frequently use  Sterling plated or Sterling jewelry components in my work. If you are wearing your jewelry very frequently, generally tarnish will not be a problem. Occasional polishing with a jewelry cloth will keep your jewelry shiny. But if you are not wearing your jewelry all the time it is easier to store it in a way that inhibits tarnish.

Clear, clean, plastic bags that have no holes and seal tightly are perfect to keep air and moisture off the Sterling. You will have to polish it much less, if at all. It is best to add to the sealed bag a piece of paper, a desiccant or silica gel pack (often found in new shoe boxes), or even a small amount of rice rolled into paper or fine netting. This will absorb any moisture that may lead to tarnishing. After you have placed the jewelry in the bag and made sure it is flat, gently press as much air out as possible.

I know it is not particularly glamorous but it totally works and is worth it when you like to wear your jewelry without worrying whether it has been polished.

Keep Your Jewelry Secure   Store your jewelry in a container and prevent pieces from moving around. While fabric-lined jewelry boxes are ideal, this can be as simple as using a shoebox and pieces of fabric. To store your jewelry, wrap your items, clean + dry, in a soft cloth or bag. Keep your items separate while storing to avoid tangling and scratching.

When Travelling with Jewelry, Use a Case – Travelling can be tough on jewelry, so it’s wise to use a travel case to protect your favorite pieces. Traditionally made of fabric or leather, a jewelry travel case can carry jewelry of all types and easily rolls up to a size that’s easily stored in most suitcases, makeup cases or business attaches. Clearly, a case like this is a good investment to protect your jewelry on the road.